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A hacking evolution is underway—fueled by greater automation, growing monetization and increasing chaos and conflict by those aiming to prosper from hacking products and services

For years, the industry waited for an IoT botnet to execute a large- scale DDoS attack that would test modern-day defenses. It finally happened in 2016, introducing a new era in hacking. The botnet threat landscape evolved in 2017 via hackers’ growing use of automated features in cyber-attack programs and tools to increase the monetization of hacking. Launching an attack is no longer the sole purview of individuals or groups with hacking experience and expertise. Hacking services are now purchased and sold via online marketplaces—making it possible for virtually anyone to pursue a target.

Consumers. Arguably the fastest-growing segment within the community, these are the non-skilled users who pay to play. They can now easily obtain Cyber-Attack-as-a-Service (CAaaS) tools in marketplaces on the Clearnet and Darknet.

Purists. These are the skilled hackers who have the expertise to conduct their own operations without paid services or other outside help.

Vendors. These are the skilled hackers who want to turn their capabilities into products and services to meet growing demand from hacking consumers.